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What is the best medicine for chest pain? Drugs used to treat some of the most common causes of chest pain include: Artery relaxers. Aspirin. Thrombolytic drugs. Blood thinners. Acid-suppressing medications. Antidepressants.
Can you have angina without having a heart attack? This reduced blood flow is a supply problem — your heart is not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. You may wonder why you don't always have angina if your heart arteries are narrowed due to fatty buildup. But when you increase the demand for oxygen, such as when you exercise, this can cause angina. Stable angina.
Can angina last for days? The discomfort of angina is temporary, meaning a few seconds or minutes, not lasting hours or all day. The longer the person experiences chest pain from angina, the more the heart muscle is at risk of dying or malfunctioning. If chest pain is severe and/or recurrent, the person should see a health-care professional.
What is difference between angina and heart attack? Angina happens when your heart isn't getting enough blood, usually because of narrowed coronary arteries. This causes symptoms of angina and is a sign that your heart needs to rest. The key difference between angina and a heart attack is that angina is the result of narrowed (rather than blocked) coronary arteries.
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